Found this masterpiece down a side street whilst visiting Paris recently
Treasure dream

I had the most beautiful dream the other day. I was lying on a dock with a girlfriend that was all of my girlfriends combined in one. She was wearing dungarees and I was in a bikini. The sun was so warm, I could feel my skin absorbing the heat. It wasn’t in the middle of day, but one of those days where after a long day at the office you just waltz outside to sit down somewhere and there is a cat there, resting in silence and accepting you as you both look far ahead with nothing in particular on your minds. That cat was my friend. And my friend lost her cap in the ocean. Since I was the one in the bikini, I jumped after it and the waves of the water gently pushed the hat into a wall of soil. As I swam closer -behind the soil crystals of all sorts started appearing. They were as easy to pick as strawberries and as beautiful as your teenage crush. The low pinkish rays of sun made them shimmer in deep green, yellow and one of them was metallic just like a mirror. I plucked a handfull and swam back softly, careful not to drop the gemstones, yet excited to show my friend the treasure I had found. I remember hearing the sound of my arms thrusting forward as I leaped closer and the intriguing smell of a summer evening. I woke up with a big smile on my face that day!  

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Feminine and floral. Emotive portraits by Oleg Oprisco

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"If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her." - Unknown (via awelltraveledwoman)

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