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if you honestly believe a pregnant or lactating cow is less hormonal than a fucking soy bean, you have no idea what the fuck biology is.

Haha this made me laugh out loud! 

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"I don’t miss anything being vegan.
It’s not mine to miss.
I didn’t give up anything.
It wasn’t mine to give up.
I just stopped, and then, I gained.
Gained some self respect that I was no longer participating in, enabling and funding exploitation, use and murder of wonderful beings.
Because you truly can’t say you are against cruelty and murder while funding it. You can’t say you are an animal lover. Of ALL animals.
Not with a straight face and in truth you can’t.
I was a thief. A thief who stole precious things from the most vulnerable. I was party to murder.
I was a terrible person. I’m so very sorry from the bottom of my heart. I can’t undo all the pain and bad things I did. But I can try to atone by refusing to continue for one second longer. To live my life honestly. When you know better, you do better, otherwise things just stay the same. Please, take a minute today to truly look at yourself and ask why you would continue living like this when we can live without it. I will help you if you need it. Please. I beg you. Just stop. The ability to do so is in us all. It’s never too late."
- Nik Anti-Speciesist (via fighting-for-animals)

(Source: fightingforanimals)

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ૐFree hugsૐ


red hair is so beautiful….☮☮☮
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photo by Murilo Ganesh….this crochet is brilliant..

oh my you are very right^^ might have to do something like this someday

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